We will appreciate if during your stay you will comply with the next regulations:

  1. Vehicle and tourist access is allowed only on established and marked routes.
  2. Car parking is allowed only in specially designated places.
  3. Camping is forbidden in reserves with the exception of specially designated places.
  4. Dumping waste of any kind on park grounds is forbidden. Tourists are required to remove the trash they produce during their visit.
  5. Do not wash cars in the running waters or on the lake shores and do not discharge harmful substances or detergents.
  6. Noise of any kind is prohibited: shouting, music louder than the usual, screaming, howls and so on.
  7. No fairs shall be organised in the nature reserves.
  8. Destroying flora under any circumstance is strictly forbidden.
  9. Lighting fires in the woods and along hiking routes is allowed only in specially designated places.
  10. Writing on trees, rocks or cave walls is prohibited.
  11. It is forbidden to destroy barriers on the forest roads, signs and panels providing information about the park.
  12. Indications of the rangers, foresters and other persons of the park administration must be observed.
  13. Children under 14 are allowed only if accompanied by parents or organised in groups led by a responsible adult.
  14. Dogs are allowed only if leashed.
  15. Motor sports are forbidden on the grounds of the national park.
  16. Hunting and fishing are prohibited on the grounds of the national park.
  17. Tourism within the area of Cheile Nerei-­Beușnita National Park shall be charged at the rates in force at the time.